Privacy policy

The Vaucluse Département undertakes that the processing of personal data carried out on the ExploreVaucluse Web App(lication) complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the French Data Protection Act (Loi Informatique et Libertés).


Party responsible for processing data 

As the entity responsible for processing your personal data, the Vaucluse Département (hereinafter, “the Département” or “us”), devotes great importance to protecting personal data and respecting your private life.

What data do we collect?

When using our ExploreVaucluse Web App(lication), you may be required to transmit personal data, directly or indirectly (for example, via third parties), or through using the app(lication):

As such, the Département may be required to collect:

  • Data relating to your identity: such as your first name, last name, contact details (telephone/email address), gender, age, date of birth as well as the language your terminal uses;
  • Data relating to your location: your geolocation;
  • Health data: if applicable, your type of disability;
  • Data relating to your private life: the dates of your stay, the number of people you are travelling with, your mode of transport, your interests;
  • Technical data: your terminal’s operating system, the name and version of your web browser, the network used and your browser’s language.

We may obtain some of this personal information from third parties or via the cookies in our app(lication). 

Third parties may relate to:

  • The company that enables us to provide a public network of Wi-Fi terminals for your use (via its identification portal);
  • Social media – during the Captive Portal identification via your social media and when you grant permission to access your data on the relevant social media (profile with the “public” setting);
  • The company developing the Web App(lication) that enables, via cookies and the optional questionnaire made available for your use, to establish your location and personalise certain services on the basis of your interests, favourites or your location.

When your personal data is collected, you will be informed of the fact that some of it must be completed in order to achieve the expected result. In addition, in the absence of completing certain optional information, you may not benefit from all services – in particular those which are personalised – that the Département offers you.

What are the reasons why we collect your personal data?

The Département collects and processes your personal data to ensure the management of the ExploreVaucluse Web App(lication), and this is only for the following purposes: 

  • Tourist promotion of the Vaucluse Département (territorial marketing);
  • Anonymous profiling (producing “persona” corresponding to visitor group behaviours);
  • Improvement of services (promoting the app(lication), improving functions provided, making content that is relevant, suitable and personalised to your interests and geographic location available);
  • Statistics (audience measurement, public policy evaluation).

What are the legal bases on which we collect your personal data?

The Département collects and processes your personal data in accordance with regulations and only within the scope of the following legal basis: 

  • When you have specifically consented to your personal data being processed;
  • When it is necessary for carrying out a mission of public interest the Département is involved in;
  • When it is required for continuing the legitimate interests of the Département, that is: assessing public policies and actions carried out by the Département.

What are your rights over your data?

The Département guarantees that you exercise all of the rights granted to you by the regulations. In this respect, you may therefore:

  • Ask to have access to your personal data;
  • Correct inaccurate data pertaining to you;
  • Obtain the erasure of your personal data;
  • Restrict our processing of your personal data;
  • Withdraw your consent to your personal data being processed;
  • Oppose the processing of your personal data.

How to you exercise your rights?

To exercise your rights or for any other questions relating to processing and protecting your personal data, you can contact the representative for data protection at our service provider by writing to the following address: 

Who are the recipients of your data?

Your personal data is transmitted to the various entities we work with in order to guarantee the services that we provide:



The host of our app(lication) (located in France)

For the purposes of carrying out database maintenance and hosting services

The publisher of our app(lication) 

For the purposes of accessing, maintaining and developing the app(lication)

Our sub-contractors and partners 

For the purposes of accessing the services requested, tourist promotion and territorial marketing

How long is your data kept for?

Your personal data is only kept for the strictly minimum duration required for carrying out the purposes followed such as detailed above, and this in compliance with the applicable regulations and laws. After the timeframes given, your personal data will be deleted.

Purposes of processing

Legal basis

Retention period

Useful information

Tourist promotion

Mission of public interest

3 years

Profiling, indicators, statistics, service improvement

Legitimate interest

3 years

Tracing and monitoring app(lication) users’ browsing


Until consent is withdrawn

You may withdraw your consent to this processing at any time

Where do we transfer your personal data?

The Département mainly chooses service providers hosting their data in the European Union. Nevertheless, when it is necessary we may be required to transmit your personal data to service providers operating outside the European Union.

If these service providers operate in a country that the controlling authority (the Commission Nationale Informatique et Liberté – French Information Commissioner’s Office) does not consider to offer a sufficient level of protection, we do everything to contractualise model contractual clauses approved by the European Commission and also include a Data Processing Agreement “DPA” as part of our contractual relations with these service providers.


We use various cookies on the Web App(lication) aiming to measure audience and integrate services that allow us to improve the Web App(lication) interactivity and offer you personalised services.

A message from the Web App(lication) informs you that the website uses cookies.

What is a “cookie”?

A cookie is a small text file stored on your terminal when you visit our app(lication) that aims to collect information about the users of our app(lication) such as, for example: your language choices, your connection information, etc.

What cookies do we use?

Your personal data is collected via “internal” cookies which we have recourse to. We also have recourse to cookies referred to as “third party” which are installed by a domain other than that of the app(lication) the visitor consults. 

How do you manage cookies?

You have the possibility of not authorising certain types of cookie at any time, by pressing the “refuse” button that is displayed when connecting to the app(lication) or via the settings proposed for each type of cookie. 

Cookies which are strictly required for the app(lication) to function:

Which cookie?

For which purpose?

With or without consent?

Cookie lifespan

Cookie sources


Save cookie preferences (acceptance/rejection)

Without consent

1 year



Save the user’s preferred language to display suitable content.

Without consent

1 year

Third party

WordPress Privacy Policy 

Functionality cookies (or content personalisation):

Which cookie?

For which purpose?

With or without consent?

Cookie lifespan

Cookie sources


Registers a unique identifier related to the user session to store the user’s preferences throughout their path and offer a personalised experience. 

With consent

6 months